Year: 2019

InForm is a thesis project completed for the University of Nebraska–Lincoln Honors Program. It introduces adult non-musicians to large-scale structural components of three fundamental musical forms (fugue, sonata, and rondo) through a mobile application containing interactive information graphics and audio examples. It provides the knowledge and vocabulary necessary to discuss and listen critically to classical music, as well as enhance the overall listening experience.

AIGA Nebraska SHOW: Silver Award (2019)

Thesis paper may be viewed here:

The prototype may be viewed here:

From the main menu, users are able to learn basic concepts or jump right in to learning about one of the three types of form.

On the "Basics" page, users can learn about major and minor keys as well as basic types of cadences, if they have had no previous experience with these concepts. These are necessary concepts to understand in order to enjoy the other content within the app.

First, users can read a concise bulleted list that explains each topic.

After the written material, audio examples are provided.

After users have been familiarized with the appropriate background knowledge, they can choose from three types of musical form to explore: fugue, sonata, and rondo. 

Each genre has its own menu. By choosing the “Introduction” option, users are able to read a bulleted list that breaks down each form into its subsequent parts and explains each one. Key vocabulary concepts are bolded.

After the introduction has been read, three real-world example works are available for exploration. These pieces are presented as infographics with color-coded sections. The entire piece is mapped out, and users can listen to the full work by tapping the audio button at the top of the page. 

Each color-coded section can be tapped on, which will make a pop-up window appear. The pop-up explains what specifically is happening in that part of the music, with key terms bolded. The pop-up also contains an audio button that will play that section of music in isolation. This helps the user connect what they are reading to what they are hearing.

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