The Cat Deck

Year: 2018

The Cat Deck is a standard, multipurpose deck of cards (52 suit cards + 2 Jokers). Each card features a unique caricature of a different cat breed and a custom card back design.


This project was completed as part of an Honors Program assignment and expanded upon the existing task of designing four cards.

AIGA Nebraska SHOW: Gold Award & Judge’s Choice Award (2018)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln Undergraduate Juried Art Exhibition (2019)

Playing cards piled on top of one another. Each card contains a bust illustration of a different cat breed.

Each card features a different breed and the deck as a whole shows a variety of expressions among the characters. The characters on the king and queen cards wear jewelry to set them apart from the other cards. The two Joker cards have some humorous elements included, with the cats playing with yarn and a butterfly.

Though the suits do not follow their conventional colors of red and black, the Diamonds and Hearts tend to have warmer palettes while the Clubs and Spades make use of cooler colors.

The deck has a custom card back design as well.

Close up photo of the ace of hearts playing card with other cards scattered underneath it. The illustration is of a sphynx cat on a yellow background.

Meet the Cats

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